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Rudra HR & Payroll Solution

Rudra HR & Payroll soution is cost effective, transparent with process delivery, user friendly personalized support, secruity assured, technology backup . you get best in services delivery. Now get ready to roll ...Read More

Key Features of Our HR & Payroll Solution


HR & Payroll Software Features

HR & Payroll Software Benefits


Salary & Payroll Process

Generate your employee salary according to your company norms and government rules and regulation including payslips OT, LOP ,LWP.


Rudra HR & Payroll Solution gives you the hundred person accurate payroll processing, month after month.

Statutory Payroll Reports

We provide upto date professional statutory payroll reports for PF, ESI, Income tax, form5 , form10, form16, and many more.

Zero upfront cost

You need note worry about wrong payroll deduction of PF, ESI, Income Tax etc. Avoid hefty fines and back billing.

Leave Management

Management of every Employees leave application, approval, camcullation and rejection status. Multiple Holiday lists can be handled by location. Auto update on leave balance of all employees. At the end of year you can use features, like carry forward rules, lapse and encashment can be automated.

100% Statutory compliance

Fast and accurate payroll Processing, handles all aspects of payroll management including payslips OT, LOP ,LWP.


Online Recruitment system allow you to sift, sort and screen resume against your selection criteria automatically. Minimize the risk of loosing the best candidates, your competitors will be using this technology, Data at your fingertips.


Rudra HR & Payroll Prepared on Dotnet and Sql Server that Provides you a high Security of your data. Name of the person , Date & Time, Get saved with each entry .


MIS Report

Your HR Department can export large number of pre-formatted reports in excle or pdf. Facility to specify the set of employees who will be part of the report ( filter on employees ).

User Friendly

User Friendly easy to use and requires minimum training. Easy data search facility.


All Income tax rules including for perquisites exemptions and saving can be handled easly. you will only need to provide to pices of inputs-house rent and savings.

Easy to Customize

Modular Structore allows maximum flexibility and customization. Flexiable to adopt any changes to government policies, rules & regulations.
Simplify HR Process! Increase Effectiveness!! Reduce Costs!!!