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Bulk Mail

Bulk mailer intends to sending large quantities of personalized e-mail. It is cheapest and fastest way to reach thousands of people with a message. ITSL provides organizations with a flexible, cost effective and valuable means of reaching subscriber, customer and prospectus. It also helps you to boost sales, generates leads and builds trust by Protect the privacy of the individual from another.

This program is a powerful group mailer which sends your message deliver from your PC to recipient’s mail inbox. Bulk mailer works with or without SMTP servers.

Key features and Benefits of Bulk Mail

•    Easy to install and use
•    Unlimited recipient
•    HTML and plain text editing support
•    Add a attachment with your message
•    Compatible with front page and Dreamweaver
•    Ms – excel fie is accepted for database or recipients’ address to sending a mail
•    Reporting features such as mail undelivered reports

Bulk Fax

Bulk fax is another concept of marketing and much similar to bulk email. Bulk fax is also called up direct marketing. The main feature is that it does not require any specialized system, server, and multiple telephone lines. Bulk fax is a process of sending document electronically by the most direct and effective means. It generates excellent sales leads.

Bulk fax sending software allow you to compose and send unlimited text message instantly to list of selected fax number, individuals, group, mass of people from pc to fax machine for business and for marketing purpose in world wide. Bulk fax service is excellent for marketing purpose to send out press release, newsletter, product updates and invitation etc to number of customer. It enables them to complete the task in a single automated transmission.

Key features and Benefits of Bulk Fax

•    Easy to use
•    Send fax with attached file
•    Cover page easily be designed.
•    PC, Fax modem, telephone line is required.